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        Informacje o rodzinie produktów

        The swivel device is a versatile mechanical connecting device for Maxos TL-D and TL5 light-lines and enables variable angles between the light-lines. The minimum angle is 45 degrees. Due to its attractive design it is often used in application areas such as shops, schools and museums. Up to four light-lines can be connected with one swivel device. The housing is made of plastic, with a white or silver coating, and with inner supporting elements made of steel. If needed, the swivel device can accommodate lighting control sensors, loudspeakers, etc. It is pre-mounted with an adjustable quick hanger with a 1.25 m steel suspension wire. One dedicated coupling piece (9MX056 CP-SD WH/SI) per trunking section is necessary to connect the trunking to the swivel device. Electrical components for mains feed-through have to be ordered as required.


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